Indonesian King James Version (KJV) Translation

This is an attempt to translate Bible text King James Version (KJV) into Indonesian Language with embedded Strongs Numbers and Morphology (IDKJV).

This is basically a "literal" or "word-for-word" translation which try to capture the precise wording of the KJV text. This is not "thought-for-thought" or "dynamic equivalence" translation. However, at the same time this translation also taking into account of grammar, syntax, and idiom between English used in KJV and the target Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) in order to make pleasurable reading or readability in Bahasa Indonesia.

This project is tagged using OSIS format.
It is released into Public Domain.
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This is a personal project, and the translators are not Bible scholar or linguist. This is a layman translation effort. If anyone would like to help or contribute, please do not hesitate to drop us a note.

Note: this is an ongoing project and currently it is very incomplete.