More Than Bible Viewer or Browser

Alkitab Bible Study is a comprehensive bible study software. At the basic, Alkitab allows you to browse or view Bible verse or passage in convenient ways eg: single or parallel view. The parallel view allows you to easily compare different bible translation in a single windows.

Basic Features

Additionaly, it also support strong's concordance and morphology if the translation or the module have these information.

Strongs Features

It also allow you to view commentary, lexicons/dictionaries/glossaries, and daily devotions.

Bookshelf Features

Powerful Search

With Alkitab Bible Study you can perform various complex and powerful search to aid your study in the Bible. For example:

  • You can use || to join phrases, for example "balaam || balak" finds passages containing Balak OR Balaam
  • Using && requires both words, e.g. "aaron && moses" finds passages containing both Aaron AND Moses
  • Using a ! removes words from the result e.g. "lord ! jesus" is passages containing Lord BUT NOT Jesus
  • Using ~2 widens the passage by 2 verses either side on any match. So "amminadab ~1 perez" finds verses containting Amminadab within 1 verse of mention of Perez.
  • Using +[Gen-Exo] at the beginning will restrict a search to that range of verses.
  • Using strong:hxxx eg: strong:h430 (for Hebrew)
    Using strong:gxxx eg: strong:g2424 (for Greek)

Using Crosswire books or modules collections

Alkitab is compatible and using CrossWire Module Add-ins for the books. Crosswire is one of the largest collections of Christian resources available on the Internet. This collections consist of Bible translations, commentaries, daily devotionals, lexicons, dictionaries, and other resources.

Plugins Support

Plugins supports allow Alkitab Bible Study capabilities to be enhanced or extended by various plugins.

Cross Platform

Alkitab Bible Study run on all popular operating systems eg: Microsoft Windows, Unix or Linux, Mac OSX etc.

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