Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is Alkitab Bible Study ?

It is a cross platform, open source Bible software program featuring a rich and user friendly GUI. The interface supports: parallel views, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, glossaries, and daily devotions. It also comes with a powerful search capability. Alkitab is based on the NetBeans Platform and JSword CrossWire library.

Side note: Alkitab is an Indonesian word for Christian Holy Bible.

Error cannot find Java 1.8 or higher ?

It is because Alkitab can not find or locate Java on your system.

if you encounter this error cannot find Java 1.8 or higher, please reinstall the AdoptiumJDK (if you use AdoptiumJDK)

  • Choose Change / Custom
  • Set JAVA_HOME variable enabled
  • Set Javasoft(Oracle) registry key enabled
AdoptiumJDK Java Path

Alternatively, you can edit the [INSTALL_DIR]/etc/alkitab.conf file and set the jdkhome directly by:

  • Uncomment the jdkhome entry, by removing the # symbol
  • Set it to your java path eg:
    jdkhome="C:\Program Files\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-"

How do I install additional Bible translations or books ?

You can download additional Bible translations, books, dictionaries, lexicons, daily devotions, and other resources from CrossWire Module Add-ins (one of the largest collections available).

It is recommended to choose the Raw ZIP format and follow the instructions below.
Note: the Raw ZIP format will work on all supported operating systems.

Step to install:

  • Download the Raw ZIP format from CrossWire Module Add-ins
  • Open Alkitab Bible Study
  • Goto Menu - Tools - Book Installer
  • In the Source Field navigate (browse) into the folder which you download the book (Raw ZIP)
  • Select the Destination location to install the book
  • Click Install button

Alternatively you could install book using the following:

  • For Windows: extract the downloaded zip file and run the setup.exe
    For Raw ZIP: extract the downloaded zip file, then copy/move the following
        - mods.d folder
        - modules folder
    into the folder of your choice. Preferred location is [HOME-FOLDER]/.sword
    note: single folder could contains many books, you do not need to use multiple folders for multiple books
  • Open Alkitab, go to Menu - Tools - Options
  • Go to Path tab, make sure the folder where you put the books is listed there eg:
    - [HOME-FOLDER]\.sword (C:\Users\[YOUR-NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Sword)
    - C:\Program Files\CrossWire\The SWORD Project
  • If not listed, just add the folder in the Additional Book Path by click the + (plus) button
  • Restart Alkitab (close and open)

How do I perform advanced search ?

  • You can use || to join phrases, for example "balaam || balak" finds passages containing Balak OR Balaam
  • Using && requires both words, e.g. "aaron && moses" finds passages containing both Aaron AND Moses
  • Using a ! removes words from the result e.g. "lord ! jesus" is passages containing Lord BUT NOT Jesus
  • Using ~2 widens the passage by 2 verses either side on any match. So "amminadab ~1 perez" finds verses containting Amminadab within 1 verse of mention of Perez.
  • Using +[Gen-Exo] at the beginning will restrict a search to that range of verses.

How do I search for strongs ?

You can search for strongs using the following syntax:
strong:hxxx eg: strong:h430 (for Hebrew)
strong:gxxx eg: strong:g2424 (for Greek)

Note: Strongs search requires Bible translation that have strongs info eg: KJV

How do I enable localization

The language localization can be enabled by appending --locale language[:country[:variant]] to the startup command.
     --locale language[:country[:variant]]
     --locale in (for Indonesian Locale)
     --locale fa (for Farsi Locale)
     --locale vi (for Vietnamese Locale)

You can set this by supplying the command line parameter eg:
     - (Unix/Linux) [install-folder]/bin/alkitab --locale in

Or you can set this on the [install-folder]/etc/alkitab.conf under default_options eg:
     default_options="--branding alkitab -J-client -J-Xss2m .... --locale in"

Or you can change the desktop shortcut (Windows) by appending the locale:
     - right click on the shortcut choose properties
     - on the shortcut tab and target field append the locale command at the end
       eg: "C:\Program Files\Kiyut\Alkitab-x_x\bin\alkitab.exe" --locale in

Note: This is not Bible translation, it is only a UI Localization. Currently Alkitab Bible Study have English (en), Indonesian (in), Farsi (fa), and Vietnamese (vi) locale.

Where can I download the Indonesian Language (Perjanjian Lama dan Baru) ?

Unfortunately, we do not have the permission to distribute Indonesian Bible Translations (Terjemahan Lama, Terjemahan Baru, Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari). We are not an affiliate with Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (LAI), the copyright owner of Indonesia Bible Translations (Terjemahan Lama, Terjemahan Baru, Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari). If you are interested in those translations as Sword Module, please contact Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (LAI) directly.

Alternatively, you can download SABDA© (Software Alkitab, Biblika Dan Alat-alat) for Indonesian Bible. It has 9 Indonesian Modern Bibles, 5 Melayu/Indo Kuno pra 1945 Bibles, 5 Greek Bibles, 3 Hebrew Bibles, 11 English Bibles, and much more ...