Alkitab Bible Study Plugins

This page provide links to Alkitab Bible Study plugins either commercial or open source. The listings here are intended to get you started in finding out more about modules from around the community.

Auto Update or Check New Plugins

  • On the Alkitab Menu - Tools - Plugins.
  • Choose Settings Tab.
  • Tick Alkitab Update Center.
  • Choose Installed or Available Plugins Tab.
  • Choose Reload Catalog Button.
  • Tick available plugins you are interested.
  • Choose Install Button.
  • Click Next.
  • Follow the on screen instructions

Or Manual Download

  • Download the plugins you are interested from below.
  • On the Alkitab Menu - Tools - Plugins.
  • Choose Downloaded Tab.
  • Choose Add Plugins Button.
  • Locate the file that you downloaded manually.
  • Choose Install Button.
  • Click Next.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.

Important: if you see "Validation failed, the following plugins are not trusted ..." warning, please ignore it and click continue. It is because we are using self signed certificate rather than using certificate from well known Certificate Authority eg: Verisign, Thawte, etc

If you are interested to develop plugins for Alkitab Bible Study, please check out developers area. It contains documentation and some sample source code to get you started.

If you have written plugins for Alkitab Bible Study, and would like to get it included in this page, please send email to or fill this form.

Available Plugins:

  • Book Downloader
    version  :
    requirements  :  Alkitab >= 3.1
    download  :  kiyut-alkitab-modules-downloader.nbm - (574.0 KB)

    Book Downloader or Installer from known site eg: Crosswire,, etc

  • Book Collections or SWORD Module Add-ins
    requirements  :  Alkitab >= 1.0
    location  :  SWORD Module Add-ins

    Download various Bible Translations, Commentaries, Lexicons/Dictionaries, Glossaries, Daily Devotions, General Books, etc.

    note: This is not Alkitab Bible Study Plugins, but a collections of books (Bible translations, commentaries, lexicons, etc), which you can use with Alkitab Bible Study. Please see the this FAQ How do I install additional Bible translations or books ?