Pencerahan Brightness (Android)

Pencerahan Brightness is an android application, which allows you to easily adjust screen brightness. You can increase or decrease the screen brightness without the need of searching into the Settings-Display menus.

By reducing brightness indoor, you will save battery life as well.

- User configurable brightness settings (press Menu)
- It uses only a single home screen cell space

Note: press Menu for settings the value (% brightness) in buttons

*This app is not a widget, so it does not take up extra memory or slow down your phone.

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Pencerahan Brightness For Android
Pencerahan Brightness For Android
Pencerahan Brightness For Android

What's new:

ver 2.3

  • Fix Notification get cleared
  • Rename Status Bar label to Notification

ver 2.2

  • Add status bar support
    note: in order for this to work, app must be installed in internal memory

ver 2.1

  • Add more buttons preset
  • Add Shake Sensor (full brightness)

ver 2.0.1

  • Add Settings button
  • Improved Layout