Alkitab Bible Study Developer Section


The whole architecture is divided into 3 areas:

Netbeans Platform RCP

Netbeans Platform RCP is a generic desktop application developed by Netbeans Development Teams. This platform provides comprehensive support for building rich client applications such as menus, document management, settings and so forth. Instead of writing the same code over and over again, write modules to implement what you need, bundle them up with the NetBeans Platform, and you have a beautiful, branded, cross-platform application. NetBeans based applications are write-once, run-anywhere. You get prebuilt components for free and you solve common problems by reusing, mixing and matching them. Use the platform and the modules you develop as the basis for multiple applications that share common logic. The NetBeans Platform is a solid foundation and set of standards for clear design. More info...

JSword CrossWire

JSword CrossWire is a group of free programs that work together to bring Bible study to a wide range of people using the Java platform. It includes Bible Desktop, a free desktop based Bible study tool. The core API is called JSword and there are two generic libraries of useful utilities called common and common-swing. More info...

Alkitab Bible Study

Alkitab is build on top of Netbeans Platform RCP. It acts as Netbeans Module (Plugins) that extends Netbeans Platform RCP. It also use various JSword API to display the sword modules or books. Alkitab Bible Study itself is divided into several modules:

Source Code

These source code provided for developers to learn how to develop and extend Alkitab Bible Study.

Developer Blogs

You may also visit developers blog at for some information related with Alkitab Bible Study or other KIYUT product development.

Note: The blogs also contains other unrelated things.